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Aircraft Assembly :

The company has been in involved in assembly and manufacture of Jabiru Light & Sports Aircraft and subsequent sales & exports to Europe and also for clients in Pakistan.

Jabiru designs both the jabiru airframe and Jabiru engine. Exported worldwide, Jabiru Aircraft is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational aircraft in Australia, with over 2000 aircraft and 6000 engines produced to date. At Jabiru we believe that passion and innovation move the aviation world forward.

The Jabiru range of aircraft is popular with the recreational flyer, flight training, and cross-country flying. With features such as dual controls, in-flight adjustable trim, electric flaps, cabin heat, and full-featured GPS and EFIS/EMS systems, this aircraft will take you anywhere with ease and comfort.

Flight Inspection Services :

In 2014 we purchased a Beech King air super 200 aircraft equipped with special equipment for Flight Inspection Services. We are hoping to be able to formally launch in the 1st quarter of 2016 to offer services to various countries and airports in the region.