The Company started operating in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council Countries), Afghanistan and MENA region countries from 2004. In 2006 OTC started operations in Pakistan and later in 2010 in Bangladesh.

OTC, since its establishment has successfully carried out several projects in Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. In the early years of its establishment the company concentrated and worked on several projects contributing in the process of rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure, particularly in restoring the power and water supply systems working with large International organizations like GE, FLUOR and AMEC.

OTC is committed to and has been providing professional, cost effective services and products to organizations in the following areas:

  • I & C – Installation & Commissioning of Power Plants
  • O & M Services to Power Plants
  • Catering & Life Support Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Procurement & Supplies
  • Fabrication of Portable Houses
  • Camp Building & Management
  • Telecom infrastructure