Other group businesses involve aviation and marine services & products, pre-engineered buildings.


(a comprehensive Explosives & Weapons Detection system)
This brief description is to introduce two Vehicle Scanning products, which are developed and offered by 3DX-RAY Ltd of UK, the manufacturers of mobile realtime vehicle digital x-ray screening equipment. The offered products have the hallmark of being:

  • state-of-the-art;
  • extremely reliable;
  • built to safeguard against sophisticated concealment attempts;
  • tried and tested;
  • operationally installed at multiple sites world-wide.

These two products are named as SVXi and Auto-Scan-D and are considered to be the best of their kind in the world. Built as smart solutions, they seamlessly join together a multitude of hi-tech instruments, driven by a sophisticated set of intelligently integrated software. In case of Auto-Scan-D Millimeter Resolution Images, technology is used. In case of SVXi, the technology is taken to another level of sophistication. It uses Sub-Millimeter Resolution Images. The solution can detect and display the smallest object no matter where hidden – inside the vehicle. The solution delivers millimeter by millimeter coverage over the entire vehicle, including glove compartments, below the seats space and door pockets. All this is done with one single pass while the vehicle is moving at a speed of between 8 and 16 kilo-meters per hour, without stopping, without the need for body searching the passengers or the driver. It provides full scan, inside and has the option for outside of the vehicle, in all weather and light conditions. Multiple units can provide coverage for larger sites.

NAV TECH - Radar based Security System

(a comprehensive Intrusion & Threat Detection system)
This brief is to introduce an Intrusion and Threat Detection system, which is:
· _state-of-the-art;
· _extremely reliable;
· _built to safeguard against sophisticated intrusion attempts;
· _is tried and tested;
· _is operationally installed at sites world-wide.

The solution is called ‘The AdvanceGuard System’, which is offered and developed by Navtech of UK. It is considered the best of it’s kind in the world. At it’s hub are Millimeter Wave Radar Sensors, complemented by CCTV cameras.

AdvanceGuard is specifically designed to deliver a product which would substantially enhance intruder detection and surveillance capabilities at customers’ installations, and hence help in preventing damage by hostile attackers.
The AdvanceGuard surveillance solution combines leading-edge radar technology, CCTV, and integrated intelligent software to provide unrivalled threat detection as well as situation awareness, for wide area and perimeter security, from smaller to large facilities covering several thousand square kilometres. It delivers ‘metre by metre’ coverage over the entire site
Using the latest advances in component technology, Navtech solution offers high reliability, robustness and durability, as well as low initial cost outlay and after-sales service costs. Service level agreements can be tailored to individual customer requirements.
Navtech have a range of prestigious and effective customer installations around the world. Confidentiality of their names is maintained during early stages of discussions. Primary candidates for Navtech Radar systems include:

  • Airports & Landing Strips
  • Ports, Harbours and Jetties
  • Remote Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • VIP Houses, Estates and Heritage Properties
  • Railway Marshalling Yards and Infrastructure
  • Oil Refineries, Depots & Pipelines, Reservoirs
  • Solar Farms
  • Remote Border posts.
  • Remote Border posts.
  • Etc.

Voxeljet – 3 D Print Technology
VOXELJET specializes in 3D print technology. This globally operating high-tech company is a well-respected manufacturer of 3D print systems that are suitable for industrial applications. At the same time, the company operates, what it believes is one of Europe’s largest service centres for the “ on demand production “ of moulds and models for metal casting.
The voxeljet SYSTEMS business division focuses on the development, production and distribution of 3D print system. This is where the companie’s innovative, fast and powerful products are created. Today, voxeljet has a well-coordinated product range that reaches from smaller entry models to large format machines, and therefore offers the proper 3D print system for virtually all application areas.